It was an interesting week of football to say the least. We have a few shake-ups in rankings as Man City is starting to crack and Inter Milan are on fire. The winter transfer winter has been quiet a little too quiet, so look for something big to happen in coming the days. With now only a half of season remaining the race for the top of the table in most domestic leagues should be a good one.

Just Missed: PSG, Tottenham,  Zenit St Petersburg, FC Basel, Napoli

10. Chelsea
Chelsea continue to hold onto the final spot in the rankings, again there is a lot of pressure coming from PSG and Tottenham. The Blues would like to get to their Feb 5th showdown against United riding a big winning streak. Adding Gary Cahill will help sure-up their defense. (10-5)


9. Inter Milan
A big derby win has Inter’s win streak at 6 games in a row. Ranieri is working wonders with Inter and if they can go out an acquire a big name like say, Carlos Tevez then all bets are off. (nr)


Club Football Rankings8. Benfica
Benfica are really good, don’t be fooled, their aspirations are sky high for this campaign. (8-8)


7. AC Milan
Milan had 67% of the possession, had 16 shots and 10 corners against Inter. The only thing missing was a goal, that’s why Milan fans should worry too much.  However another body in the midfield could be a helpful addition during the transfer window. (6-14)


6. Manchester City
City have lost their last two Cup matches. Will that help them or hurt them in the Premier League race, we’ll find out Sunday when Tottenham comes to town. (5-19)


5. Manchester United
ManU jumped their crosstown rivals in the rankings after a 3-0 win over Bolton. Now United will try to keep the heat on City as Arsenal comes to town this weekend. (7-18)


4. Bayern Munich
Bayern enjoyed their long winter break with an 8 point Bundesliga lead, however it’s back to work on Friday as the German League resumes. (4-19)


3. Juventus
The big number for Juventus is “0” as in the amount of losses they have so far this season. Despite a home draw, Juventus will remain near the top until someone can knock them off. (3-9)


2. Real Madrid
It’s shaping up to be a huge week for Real as they meet Barca in the Spanish Cup on Wednesday followed by their arch-rivals Athletico on Sunday. (2-19)


Barcelona Football Rankings1. Barcelona
Barca continue to top the rankings, thanks to another La Liga win. The Spanish Title chase, surprise surprise has become a two horse race. (1-19-6)


Match of the Upcoming Week: 1/22 – Man City v. Tottenham

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The (numbers) are the previous week’s rank, followed by consecutive weeks ranked. The #1 team has a third number indicating weeks in the top spot.


Football Club Rankings 1-16-12

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