Football Club Rankings - Weekly World Top 10
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Football Club Rankings 4-21-14

With some travel and time constraints, we’re bring you an abbreviated rankings this week. However for the second week in a row Atletico Madrid top the world rankings. Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to check back next week, after an important week of European Football.

10. Chelsea (8-15)
9. Benfica (10-6)
8. Roma (9-6)
7. Liverpool (7-8)
6. Juventus (6-23)
5. Barcelona (5-32)
4. PSG (2-31)
3. Real Madrid (3-32)
2. Bayern Munich (2-32)
1. Atletico Madrid (1-32-2)

Match of the Upcoming Week: 4/23 – #3 Real Madrid vs #2 Bayern Munich

The (numbers) are the previous week’s rank, followed by consecutive weeks ranked. The #1 team has a third number indicating weeks in the top spot.

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Red Card Rule Change

redcardIt’s time football’s governing bodies reconsider the penalty for a red card.

The simple truth is game of the football has changed, the players are faster, the game is faster and the red card penalty needs to be re-thought. Massive financial and economical impacts hinge on matches where a red card means an almost certain defeat. Here are the simple reasons why there needs to be a rule change, followed by our solution.

1. Single matches are more important than ever – International and Champions League contests are now worth millions and million of dollars, if a team is given a red card, it almost guarantees a loss.

2. It’s a faster paced game, the ball moves around the pitch quicker – The extra space can be exploited easier. Being a man down is a much greater penalty than it was 25 years ago.

3. Fans want to see the stars – If a modern day superstar misses 3 matches with a red card, that’s a very costly loss for the club, league, and the sport.

4. Officials understand how devastating a red card is – In many cases that tremendous pressure influences their decisions.

A New Solution:

1. The player who receives the red card is sent off. (same as today)

2. The team is reduced a player. (same as today)

3. If the opposite team scores a goal post red card, they can bring a new player on the field. Under the condition they have a substitute available. (This still applies to the situation a red card is followed by a penalty kick goal, the club could bring on a new player immediately.)

4. The additional player will count as a one of the three substitutes.

In theory it works a followed, it’s a 1-1 match and a player on Team A, gets a red card in 58th minute. Team A is reduced a player. Team B scores a goal in the 70th min making it 2-1. If Team A still has one substitute remaining, they can use that substitute to make it an 11 vs. 11 match again.

This simple solution, slightly softens the impact of a red card, providing the penalized a potential lifeline.

It would also be our recommendation that the player given the red card is punished with a two match ban, not the current three match ban, unless the league deems further punishment is warranted.

If you agree, please share this, as we feel there’s need to push for a rule change consideration.

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